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Here’s How to Help ChesCo Rebuild After COVID19

July 2, 2020

The last few months have brought intense disruptions to all Americans, including all of us here in Chester County. Now, as the region is in the midst of slowly starting to reopen to a new post-pandemic normal, businesses, employees, students and more are all trying to figure out the best way forward. Thankfully for Chester County residents, including at your Chestnut Square apartment, the county has launched a multi-faceted recovery effort, known as Restore Chester County.

The initiative offers tons of resources. The policies around COVID-19 have been changing fast in the last few months, and the site seeks to help locals understand exactly where we are—what they’re allowed to do, what they should avoid, where to wear face masks and much more—through information guides, webinars and other toolkits. There are ample resources for businesses: strategies on reopening, legal considerations, financial options. And, there are plenty of ways for local residents to keep up with all the information.

The Resident Toolkit offers pages of resources to help you understand all you need to know about life around your Chestnut Square apartment in our shifted environment. See which businesses are open or closed—restaurants, entertainment venues, libraries, retail shops and more—and any specific policies and precautions they have in place. Small businesses have been hit hard in the last few months, so this is a vital tool to learn how you can support the organizations that contribute so much to the West Chester community. The toolkit provides information on the guidelines all organizations will be expected to follow so that you can feel protected as you get back to business in the area. It also offers resources for how to protect yourself as a consumer, including at local sporting events, using public transportation and relying on childcare services.

West Chester is ready to get back to normal, but it’s important to stay informed about and involved in the local recovery efforts in order to do your part to help us get there.