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Where to Get Fresh Produce Near Home

October 22, 2020

As health concerns remain a top priority, many of us have shifted how we do our food shopping and adapted to new safety protocols. While trips to the grocery store may be fewer and farther between, you can still get fresh food right near your Chestnut Square apartment, all while remaining safe and socially distant. Farmers markets are a great alternative to crowded grocery stores, providing open-air shopping that also allows shoppers to show some support for local growers.

If you’re looking for some fresh air and fresh food without traveling far from your Chestnut Square apartment, spend your next Saturday morning at the West Chester Growers Market. The open-air market is one of the largest and oldest of its kind in the region, in operation for 25 years. And it’s all just two blocks from your Chestnut Square apartment.

The market is unique in that it is a verified producers-only event—so all products come directly from the vendor selling them, guaranteeing you the freshest items possible. Because of this setup, shoppers can meet the farmers and artisans, learn about their products and about ways to give back to the local grower community. This format has been at the market’s core since the very beginning, when it started with just 10 local farmers, several of whom still exhibit each weekend.

Now, several dozen vendors are included, who offer a wide variety of products. Fresh-baked bread, hand-picked fruits, veggies, pastries, meats and more are all up for grabs—so if you’re thinking of trying out some new recipes at your Chestnut Square apartment, swing by the market to grab seasonal, high-quality ingredients first. Artisan vendors are also well-represented, selling everything from soaps to candles to artwork, making the market a great place to get started on your holiday shopping. You can even stock up on brews, ciders and wines, all locally made.

The West Chester Growers Market is an ideal spot to shop safely, socially distanced and, best yet, right near your Chestnut Square apartment!

West Chester Growers Market

201 N. Church St.

West Chester, PA 19380