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A Healthier You in 2022 Here in West Chester

January 6, 2022

Have you made your New Year’s Resolution for 2022? A new year means a new you! It may come as no surprise that the most common new year’s resolutions have to do with health. Losing weight, eating healthier, getting in better shape, even focusing on mental health are all some of the most popular resolutions we make to ourselves to change our behavior for the better in new year.

If your health is at the top of your mind in this new year, try this local business for assistance in creating a healthier you in 2022.

Playa Bowls – Just around the corner from your Chestnut Square apartment is Playa Bowls, a tropical little eatery that makes you feel a million miles from home…especially in January. Using the freshest, highest quality ingredients, Playa Bowls serves healthy, delicious açaí, pitaya, coconut bowls and smoothies, all with sustainability and community in mind. They make eating healthy easy to do with dozens of fresh fruit/veggie menu items and calories listed right there on the menu. However, healthy eating isn’t all this restaurant offers. With ECO bowls and untensils, fully LED electrical and restaurants that are built with 50% refurbished materials, this company is making a big impact and setting a great example for many of us trying to better ourselves in the new year!

Playa Bowls

22 S High St

West Chester, PA 19382

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