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3 Corner Bars to Celebrate Thanksgiving Eve

November 19, 2018

From turkey to stuffing to mashed potatoes, eating takes center stage on Thanksgiving! On the night before, however, drinking is the focus, as partiers celebrate the holiday at bars, restaurants and clubs. Thanksgiving Eve is a big party night here in West Chester, including at spots all around your Chestnut Square apartment. The popularity of the night out means many venues will be crowded and cramped, which can hinder your outing if you’re trying to catch up with out-of-town friends who’ve returned for the holiday, or if you’re looking to blow off some steam from a hectic pre-holiday work week.

Thankfully, a number of the watering holes near your Chestnut Square apartment have a corner bar-type feel, offering ample opportunities for visitors to kick back, and enjoy both a good brew and good conversation. Here are a few of the best bars to get your holiday party started:

Square Bar: Just one block from your Chestnut Square apartment, Square Bar is a down-to-earth neighborhood bar. With daily specials, live music and entertainment such as shuffleboard and darts, Square Bar offers a casual, comfortable atmosphere perfect for socializing with old friends and new.

Jake’s Bar: Jake’s, a half-mile from your Chestnut Square apartment, is one of the most beloved corner bars in West Chester. Its unparalleled drink specials (including $1 beers!) make it a great fit for locals looking to save some dough on their night out.

Sprout Music Collective: Spruce up your Thanksgiving Eve party with some live music at Sprout Music Collective, one block from your Chestnut Square apartment. The venue features nightly live music from bands and musicians across a wide range of genres. For just $5, visitors can become collective members, which gets them into shows for an entire year. While the music itself is enticing enough, partiers can also enjoy locally sourced farm-to-table tapas and local craft beer and wine and seasonal cocktails.

Square Bar

250 E. Chestnut St.

West Chester, PA 19380



Jake’s Bar

549 S. Matlack St.

West Chester, PA 19382



Sprout Music Collective

130 E. Prescott Alley

West Chester, PA 19380