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Refuel Your Brain Here at Home At this Local Museum

September 5, 2019

It’s been a long, hot summer—one likely filled with lounging in the park, lazing at the beach or cuddled up on the couch in your Chestnut Square apartment chilling out with a good book. Even if you’re years past the classroom, it can be easy to let your brain go on a bit of a summer vacation when the warm weather creeps in. However, the fall is quickly settling back in West Chester, which makes it the perfect time to reenergize your mind and gear up for the months ahead. That’s easy to do here in West Chester, which is home to some of the region’s biggest and best museums, research libraries and educational institutions, which provide countless opportunities to sharpen your focus and learn something new (all while having some fun!)

One of the standout spots near your Chestnut Square Apartment is the Brinton 1704 House, just about 10 minutes away. As its name suggests, the historic mansion dates to the early 1700s, and is one of the oldest standing homes in the state. The home was built by William Brinton for his family, who were fleeing persecution of Quakers in England. It has been expertly restored to show what life was like in the early 18th century, brimming with historic artifacts that tell the tale of the times, with many items and displays that highlight the role of our area in national history. Beyond history, a visit to the home will also give you lessons on architecture and art, both of which are on full display.

Tours are held on weekends through the end of October, and the house also hosts a number of events highlighting Chester County history throughout the year. And all of this educational excitement is just minutes from your Chestnut Square apartment!

Brinton 1704 House

21 Oakland Road

West Chester, PA 19382