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Where to See Fall Leaves Around Chestnut Square

September 26, 2019

It might seem like summer hasn’t yet faded from West Chester, but fall is right around the corner! Along with the pumpkin spice, fall festivals and sweaters, one of the other things autumn is known for is its beautiful foliage, which is in full supply near your Chestnut Square apartment. West Chester is a haven for lush, green spaces, which turn a range of beautiful hues as fall settles in.

If you don’t want to travel far from home in the sights of fall, consider a stroll over to Marshall Square Park, about three blocks from your Chestnut Square apartment. The park offers a taste of history all while letting you enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of fall all around you. Marshall Square Park has been one of West Chester’s most popular public parks since the 1800s, having previously served as an arboretum.

Today, a number of the original trees planted centuries ago still stand, alongside hundreds of more modern plantings. The park is brimming with towering trees, which offered much-needed shade in the summer and, when the fall rolls around, spectacular views for your trip to the park. It features a maze of walkways that make it a popular spot for bikers, runners and walkers who want to spot some fall colors while getting in a good workout. Its expansive lawns are also a great place to kick back with a picnic, play sports with friends, dive into a good book or hang with your four-legged friend—with the beautiful backdrop adding even more fun to your trip.  

So pick out your favorite fall scarf, grab some shades and stake out a spot in the park to welcome fall at Marshall Square Park!

Marshall Square Park

405 N Franklin St.

West Chester, PA 19380