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How to Spruce Up Your Apartment with Spring Flowers

March 19, 2020

Spring has sprung! (Almost.) We finally say goodbye to winter this month and, if your Chestnut Square apartment has been a haven for hibernation all winter, as you cozied up on the couch with Netflix, you’re definitely not alone. But now’s the time to turn off the TV, fling open the windows and start the spring cleaning. And what better way to get in the mood than by transforming your apartment with spring’s most colorful (and fragrant!) addition: flowers!

While you can easily grab a bouquet of roses at the nearby convenience store, your Chestnut Square apartment is located right near one of the area’s most award-winning floral designers—who can have your space looking and smelling like springtime in no time! Kati Mac Floral Designs offers arrangements for any occasion, including simply adding a touch of spring to your home.

The shop features handcrafted bouquets, baskets, vases and more that will make the perfect centerpiece. Kati Mac is a florist of choice for many local brides, so the shop has plenty of fresh greenery and other plants on hand, which can bring your entire apartment to life. Shoppers can work directly with designers to make their ideas materialize, or they can turn it over to the experts and opt for the “Flower Power” selection, which allows the experts to put together arrangements of their favorite freshest flowers.

While flowers are a staple for one-time occasions like Valentine’s Day or birthdays, keeping fresh, expertly designed arrangements in every room can be a serious mood lifter—and get you ready to embrace spring with your best foot forward. And speaking of feet, Kati Mac is only three blocks from your Chestnut Square apartment, so you can get out and (literally!) smell the flowers on your walk to the shop!

Kati Mac Floral Designs

36 S. High St.

West Chester, PA 19382