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How to Make Easter Extra Sweet in West Chester

April 2, 2021

Like all of the holidays in the last year, Easter 2021 is set to be a different sort of event—you may be comfortable gathering in small groups or you may just want to stick around your Chestnut Square apartment this year. No matter how you’re marking the occasion, there’s one element any Easter celebration needs: chocolate! Those who celebrate likely remember the excitement of Easter mornings filled with tons of sugar—so even if your holiday looks a little different this year, you can always revisit the fun of your youth with some sweet treats.

There are plenty of options to do that right near your Chestnut Square apartment, including Kelly’s Kandy. The shop has a long history, dating all the way back to 1974. It’s a third-generation, family-owned business, with deep roots in the local neighborhood—so you know you’re supporting a community-oriented business when you get your Easter treats there.

And you’ve got a lot to choose from! If you’re a chocolate lover, you’re in luck: Kelly’s features chocolate in just about variety: buttercreams, chocolate-covered cherries, nonpareils, dipped marshmallows and much more. It’s known for its wide range of shaped chocolates, particularly for Easter: hollow and solid rabbits in dark or milk chocolate, bunny marshmallows and Easter eggs filled with everything from orange creamsicle, cookies and cream, raspberry Oreo, peanut butter to coconut.

If you’re heading to an Easter gathering this year, customized boxed chocolates will make a great addition to impress your host. And if you’re just staying home this year with a partner or a few friends, grab one of Kelly’s popular two-pound bags of broken chocolate-covered pretzels to add a dash of flavor to your get-together.

The pandemic has reshaped holidays lately but one constant remains: Chocolate makes every holiday, no matter how you spend it, a lot sweeter!

Kelly’s Kandy

11 N. Five Points Road

West Chester, PA 19380