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Where to Get the Best Ice Cream in West Chester this August

August 19, 2021

There are still a few more weeks left to summer—plenty of time for trips to the shore, lots of A/C in your Chestnut Square apartment and strolls through the local parks to cool off. Before we send off summer, there’s another trip you should pencil into your calendar: the local ice cream shop.

There are a few options throughout West Chester to cool off with a cone, including Scoops ’N’ Smiles. While the longtime local spot is open year-round, there’s no better time to enjoy everyone’s favorite dessert than summer. And at only six blocks from your Chestnut Square apartment, it’s a great location for a summertime stroll.

The menu is expansive, offering flavors for ice cream lovers of all tastes. Scoops ’N’ Smiles crafts its ice cream on site with a “Dutch farm” method, using fresh milk, sweeteners and cream—all sourced locally. Flavors rotate daily, with at least 20 available each day. In addition to the standard favorites like rocky road, butter pecan and coffee, there are tons of more adventurous finds. Fruit lovers can indulge on cashews & raspberry, those with a sweet tooth will love cotton candy, while Monkey Bones offers an array of flavors: banana ice cream, chocolate chips, graham crackers and peanut butter swirls. The shop also features a number of vegan options, including almond bark, butter pecan, vanilla and wildberry.

If ice cream isn’t your thing, Scoops ’N’ Smiles also specializes in homemade water ice, offering nearly 50 different flavors, from chocolate, coconut and Swedish fish to pistachio, creamsicle and pina colada. With indoor and outdoor seating, you can kick back with your sweet treat and take in the sights and sounds of downtown West Chester. Scoops ’N’ Smiles also sells treats to go in pint and other sizes so you can stock the freezers at your Chestnut Square apartment for the rest of the summer.

Treat yourself this summer to a trip to Scoops ’N’ Smiles for a true taste of summer in West Chester.

Scoops ’N’ Smiles

6 E. Gay St.

West Chester, PA 19380