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Three Local Spots for Spring Flowers

April 9, 2018

Spring has sprung!

It’s time to pack away the winter blanket and the scarves and break out the tanks and running shoes, as we finally bid farewell to winter and welcome warm weather here in West Chester. Nothing says spring more so than flowers, but why just observe your favorite buds from afar at local parks? With a backdrop like your Chestnut Square apartment, you can put your floral flair to good use and bring some added color to your living space—which will put a little extra spring in your step!

Here are a few local floral shops where you can find a wide array of spring flowers to spruce up your apartment:


Halladay Florist: Three blocks from your Chestnut Square apartment, Halladay Florist features a range of floral arrangements to help you welcome spring. From bouquets of tulips for the tabletop to hanging greenery to add a touch of elegance, Halladay Florist will let you bring the beauty of springtime indoors.

Kati Mac Floral Designs: If it’s creativity you’re after, head to Kati Mac Floral Designs, three blocks from your Chestnut Square apartment. Each floral basket, vase and bouquet is handcrafted to make colors pop and fragrances fly. Known for their wedding flower arrangements, Kati Mac will make your apartment look professionally designed for less.

Lorgus Flower Shop: Three blocks from your Chestnut Square apartment, Lorgus Flower Shop features an array of spring and summer flowers and plants. From potted arrangements that thrive indoors to intricately placed and brilliantly colored collections of tulips and lilies, even those without a green thumb will find themselves getting in the spirit of spring.

Halladay Florist

29 S. Church St.

West Chester, PA 19382


Kati Mac Floral Designs

36 S. High St.

West Chester, PA 19382


Lorgus Flower Shop

704 W. Nields St.

West Chester, PA 19382